Cogan House

On a beautiful piece of land high above the Missouri River near Springfield, South Dakota, two lodges sit in quiet retreat. These serene home-away-from-homes welcome hunters, couples, families, business leaders and weary travelers.

Cogan House Lodge and North Lodge have something for everyone. The prime hunting land and large farming operation provide an awesome backdrop for finding the perfect shot-whether that is with a gun, an arrow or a camera. Packages are available for pheasant hunters, deer hunters, photographers, star-gazers, archers and history seekers.

Owners Greg, Diana, and Grant McCann will help you plan the perfect itinerary for your visit. Contact us to find out the possibilities.

Come to our lodges to enjoy:
Pheasant hunting, Deer hunting, Turkey hunting, Bass fishing, Northern fishing, Walleye fishing, Archery, Lewis & Clark history , 7th Calvary history, Hutterite history, Stress-free atmosphere, Unparalleled scenic beauty, Water sports, Relaxation, Living farm, Photography

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